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Mecrypto Club

Welcome to the Mecrypto Club Info Site.

Here you'll find a holistic view of our services supporting the cryptocurrency community.

As new services come on line you will find them here.

Mineable Altcoins

Whether you have a spare CPU, GPU, ASIC, or even Hard Drive, we have you covered with a variety of mineable altoins.


Some mining software works better on different hardware platforms (Windows, Linux, CPU, NVIDIA, AMD, ASIC,etc.). With a choice of over 25 different algorithms, you are bound to find something that best fits your capabilities.

Crypto Faucets

We offer a crypto faucet for just about every altcoin listed on our pool. Our faucets dispense rewards every 24 hours and if you are mining with us, you are offered more faucet rewards after every payout for altcoins with an active faucet.

Global Stratums

With mining stratums located in Asia, Europe, and North America, choose the closest to minimize network latency!

Our Services

We’ve got services you
need to mine and collect
altcoin rewards

Altcoin Mining Pool

  • 50+ coins
  • 25+ algorithms
  • worldwide stratum locations for low latency
  • DDOS protection
  • proportional share rewards
  • solo mining capability on some coins
  • linked faucets for bonus rewards
  • low 0.5% pool fee on all coins
Got an idle CPU, GPU, ASIC, or Hard Drive? We got you covered. Visit the pool for connection details.

Crypto Faucets

Faucets, in the crypto community, are websites that dispense rewards in the form of cryptocurrency for visitors to claim. Rewards are dispensed at certain intervals of time.

Mecrypto Club faucets dispense various altcoins every 24 hours. If you are actively mining a faucet enabled coin on the Mecrypto Club pool you can also collect coins after every payout as a type of bonus.

Advertisement space is also availabe for rent on the coin landing pages. Contact us for more information.

Ecommerce Store

Coming Soon!

Get your swag at the Mecrypto Club ecommerce store.

The store will only accept cryptocurrency for payment. Cool!

Digital Advertising Delivery and Storage Services

  • banner image storage
  • banner delivery snippets for your website
  • zone customization
  • campaigns
Looking for pilot participants. Contact us for more information.


Here are some of our most popular faucets. Feel free to check them out.



Faucet Link

Grab some free BUTK.



Faucet Link

Grab some free DGB.



Faucet Link

Grab some free FOXD.



Faucet Link

Grab some free UFO.



Faucet Link

Grab some free VTC.



Faucet Link

Grab some free AVN.



Faucet Link

Grab some free CPU.


IQ Cash

Faucet Link

Grab some free IQ.

Mining Pool

Mecrypto Club

Faucets Link

Go mine some crypto!

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Maybe you have a cryptocurrency project you want listed on Mecrypto Club, a faucet idea, or want your project promoted on our faucet pages.